Expectations and thoughts


I choosed this subject because i’m very interessted in learning about litterature and art. I enjoy reading books in my free time. It’s such a good way to kill tine and gain knowledge. I really like how well the authors express and write pictures in my head. I get to be in my on world without rules.

I want to become more expressive by words and i also want to gain knowledge in litterature and how much of an impact have the authors made in our society. I want to be a little creative and visit some art museum or museum in general to learn about the history of the paintings and our thoughts about them. I hope my teacher would have different ways to teach in our class. To have a variation like watching movies, reading books or having people with experience talk about their life and their past experience. Maybe some authors who have critized the norms in their society or something similiar. I quite like how Hanna had a variation in her classes which made her classes more Interesting and educational.

I don’t have a favourite book. My taste in books can depend on how my mood is that day. I like romance and fantasy, but i have been more interessted about coming of age and classic literature books in the last few months.


It’s Norway, Don’t do it your way

We live in a very globalized world today where there is a lot of international work opportunities and business between different countries. For this task, I’m going to pretend that I work at a company and give a piece of cultural advice to a new colleague from abroad.

Relatert bilde

So, to my dear colleague, here are a few things you should know. Norway is a modern country and sees things from a modern perspective. What I mean by that, is that we rely on the competency and prosperity of a person rather than age. I know that you are young and capable, but there will be a few people who will question your authority. My advice for you since you are young is that you have to stand out from the crowd and show people that you are competent. Do it in a humble way because nobody likes a conceited person. You can ask your other colleague or supervisors for help and then show them how adaptable and skillful person you are. Everyone likes to be a mentor and be asked for help. It gives one’s confidence in their work. You will earn a lot of respect and honor by including everyone.

Respecting someone else’s “face” and people who are older is a thing in our community, but not necessarily the most important thing. Like I said earlier, we rely on competency and prosperity. The growth of the economy and the company is the most important, so it is good to disagree with others and address your opinion and ideas. Disagreements can give a lot more solutions and a better result for the company.

Norway is all about equality between the two sexes. Keep in mind that you should treat women like how you treat men. I beg you to not do anything that can offend your female colleagues. Don’t expect women to pick up your coffee and remember to always look at her in her eyes while you are having a conversation. I hope you can take my advice and I wish you luck further. Remember that this is Norway, not your way.


The variation of the News Media

Relatert bilde

The news media is a form of mass media that focus on delivering daily news to the general public. There are annual reports about economics, business, corruption, politics, natural disasters and wars to celebrities and sports. The media variate a lot from each other. Some are liberal, and some are conservative. Some focus on local news, some focus on the whole nation and others like to set their news worldwide. Many countries have the freedom of speech and press, but there are a few that have not been granted those kinds of rights. The differences of the media create a variety of news reports from different countries and media.

I have looked at some front pages of different media like LA times, the Guardian, Al-Jazeera, CNN, BBC and the Australian. It was interesting to see the differences between them. I did a little bit of research and I found out that some of them focus on similar topics. The Guardian and BBC are very similar, it is expected because both of them are British news media. As we know, the British media are pretty international and gives out news reports around the world. They are very fast and keep themselves updated, so they can provide interesting topics for their audience. The British media deliver a variety of international and global reports. It can be about sports, politics, business, massacre and everything in general. I was expecting The LA Times and CNN to be similar too, because both of the media are reported from the US but surprisingly they were very different.  CNN goes into the same global topics as BBC and The Guardian, whereas The LA Times focus on local news of their state of California.

The last two, Al-Jazeera and The Australian, are very different and at the same time different. Both of them have a certain area that they like to focus their topics on. The Australian is a nationwide news media that reports news about their country. They do have some global news but set their eyes on Australia most of their time. Al-Jazeera on the other hand pay the particular attention to incidents and occurrences around the middle eastern and the rest of Asia.

I have looked into the different media where I tried to find the difference between their new on their website and on their social media. I would say that The Guardian and Al-Jazeera stayed true to themselves on social media as on their website. The Guardian take a focus on politics both in their website and social media. The same goes for Al-Jazeera with the reports about massacres, war and the aftermath of it. BBC and CNN on the other hand, are very different from website to their social media. Both usually focus on politics, massacre and natural disasters, but shows a different side of them in their social media account. BBC focus a lot more of natural disasters and human rights, whereas CNN focus on celebrities and famous people. My thought of it is that I think they want to use news that is more suitable for their viewers. They probably try to target the youth since Instagram and Facebook have many young users.

The topic about Brexit have been a quite issue the last few days and many of the media show a lot of attentiveness about the topic especially BBC and the guardian because both of them are British and have to give their audience the annual reports.  I recently read two articles about Prime Minister Theresa May asking for an extension to 30th June. Each article from different media. I would say that both of them are very alike. They have a very advanced vocabulary and language in their article, so it’s clearly written for those who are a bit more mature. Both of them are very critical and evaluative against Prime minister May’s action. The difference is that they have a different way of showing it. Even if BBC is a bit critical, they appear to be neutral to the case but question Mrs. May’s choices by using statements from her components and the previous choices she made. An example is “But, this being Theresa May, it’s a plan she has previously proposed – and which has already been rejected. It’s likely the EU will reject it again and offer a longer extension, with the ability to leave earlier if Parliament agrees a deal.”

Unlike BBC, the Guardian appears to be more straightforward about their opinion in this case. It is very clear when the first paragraph goes like: “It is another week where Theresa May must make seemingly impossible demands of her cabinet, her party, Labour MPs and EU negotiators.”

All opinions are mine and made by me. I do not claim that this is the right statement, but simply want to express my feelings and thought about it.

If you want to read the articles that I talked about earlier, you can check the links below.

BBC: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-47825841

The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/apr/07/asking-the-impossible-can-may-keep-her-brexit-deal-alive

Identity Crisis Of An Immigrant

Being an immigrant and raising a family in a different culture can be very difficult and complicated for many people. To grow up and learn about your culture and suddenly have to integrate into a new culture is very challenging and confusing. You will experience identity crisis in your life and development. It is difficult to understand where you stand as a person. You have to balance your culture with the new culture on your own.

If we take the two short stories, My son the fanatic and free for all, as examples. Both show us a picture of what an immigrant family looks like. One is more integrated and westernized than the other one. It can be due to the father having a higher education and more successful job, so that it is easier for them to adopt themselves into the cultural and economic system of the western countries. But even so, you will learn that both struggle with their own identity and are having a difficult time to let go of their culture. Whatever they do, there will always be a situation where their values will come in a conflict with each other.

Ali seems like a young man who struggles to fit in with his friends and is confused about his own identity. It can be a bit burdensome to bear two different expectation of your life, choices and actions. Your friends and your family may have different expectation on how you behave or act. In the story “Free for all”, the father seems like he has integrated into the new environment well. But soon he begins to realise that the western parenting doesn’t work on his son and he is not given the respect as a parent. He then decides to punish him the way a west Asian parent would do. His punishment has a lot of consequences because it goes against the country’s law.

Changing takes a lot of courage and risk. You want to fit into the new society but also keep your culture at the same time. Sometimes it can be very hard to keep your tradition because what your culture values can come in conflict with what the new society values. Some of us have no problems to fit in, but others find it difficult because there will always be a missing piece that can’t be replaced.

A letter exchange between two worried souls

We have read the letter exchange between a black father and his son for our lesson today. The two people behind the story is Eddie Glaude jr. who is the chair of Princeton University’s African American studies department and his son, Langston. They talked about the discrimination and the police brutality towards black people in the States. In the letters they referred to some events that have made a big impact for them and for the African American people in USA. The father addressed his concern for his son’s safety because the police failed to protect their people. Professor Glaude jr. is worried something will happen to son if he acts up and falls in the hands of danger after the traumatic event he had been involved with.

They referred to the murder of Trayvon Martin in 2012. He was a 17 years old African American boy who was killed by a neighbourhood watchman. The court dropped the charges and allegations against him, which started the black lives matter movement. The letters bring out the message on how African Americans are feeling anxious about their own safety in their own land. It calls out the deadly oppression and danger African Americans are receiving today and how it is hard to live as a coloured person in their society. This give us an insider’s perspective on how people in power are abusing their position to harm others.

I got an impression that the unity of the American society is a bit unstable. For 11 years ago, President Barack Obama was elected as a president. People thought that the segregation between the races had ended. But unfortunately, news about the police brutality against black people were spread around the internet and media. This got me question if there was a unity in the American society at all.

Immigrants of America

Hasan Minhaj and Trevor Noah are two famous comedians in The United States with an immigrant background. They used different examples from their own lives to illustrate their experience as immigrants in the USA. They used mild examples like getting a taste of tacos for the first time, not reaching their parent’s expectations and being the only brown kid at school. I’m pretty sure that they have suffered and experienced discriminations from other because of their background, but they covered it up with comedy.

Hasan talked a lot about how it was to grow up with an immigrant parents. How different the parental skills and styles were between white parents and immigrant parents. Immigrant parents doesn’t express their affection to their children, there are some but only few. They don’t hit them because they hate their children, but it is to teach them a lesson of their wrongdoings. The comedian talked about the consequences of hitting a child which can result to get a jailtime and losing the right to their children. This is one of the differences he had to overcome. He also talked about how much immigrant parents cared about what people thought about them and how suitable their children are for marriage. This is a common thing about immigrants. You will have it from me as a child of an immigrant myself. I can really relate to Hasan and understand where he comes from. I think Hasan pretty much represent all the Asian immigrants in the US. I can assure you that every Asian American have experience it.

The Kite Runner: Character sketch

Amir was born in Kabul and is 12 years old. He is the main character in the book, The kite runner. He had a lonely childhood and lacks the parental affection in his life, because his mother died giving birth to him and his father was not often around. This may be the reason why he often seeks for his father affection and gets jealous of the people who get his attention. Someone like Hassan. Amir says he understand his father’s lack of affection, because he feels guilty of his mother’s death. He and Hassan are playmates, but only when the higher-class kids aren’t around. Amir teases Hassan a lot about his ignorance and often makes ironic remarks. Even if he plays the good card in front of Hassan, he looks down on him and speaks ill of him behind the closed doors.

He is a weak boy in his father’s eyes. Amir is not the typical Afghan boy who oozes masculinity and is athletic. He likes books and poetry, which his father’s dislikes. He mentioned something like “it’s one thing to marry a poet, but to father one”. Baba calls him a coward too because he can’t fight for himself. Hassan is the only one who has to stand up for him and protect him from danger. He neither sees Hassan as a friend or brother even if he is the closest person in his life. Amir only sees him as a servant who is doing his job. He does have a soft spot on Hassan but denies him because of the jealousy towards him.

The two boys usually have a story time where Amir reads for Hassan because he can’t read. one night, Amir decided it would be fun to make up a story to tease him. Hassan ended up liking the story and inspired Amir to write a story of his own. He showed the story to Baba, but he didn’t show any reaction. Amir ended up being disappointed as always. Rahim Khan, a friend of Baba read the story and was impressed by the little boy’s knowledge to writing. Rahim’s reaction and opinion made an impression on him and that was when he found a passion in writing. Later that night, Amir read the story to his playmate. Hassan didn’t understand the ending and made another suggestion on it. This made the privileged boy furious. “What does that illiterate Hassan know? He’ll never be anything but a cook. How dare he criticize you”

I have a love and hate relationship with the main character, because his thoughts and opinions about other confuses me a lot. At one point, he’s all friendly with Hassan but then he speaks ill of him when the door is closed. He did not have the best childhood, so I understand where he comes from. I have to often remind myself that this little boy is only 12 years old and not 17 or above. He is very mature and smart for his age but he’s still a child. He must be often confused with how to deal with different feeling in different situations. The situation and the environment they grew up with wasn’t the best way to grow up in so I do understand where he stand.