Quality Education and Gender Equality

We have been working on the UN sustainable development goals the last three weeks and have decided to focus on the goals nr. 4 and 5, because we are very interested to work on them. But before I continue to talk about the importance and problems of these goals, I want to introduce you guys what it actually is about and what it stands for.

The goal nr.4, quality education, ensures that all boys and girls can have the opportunity to complete primary and secondary schooling. It aims to provide a better access to higher quality education for everyone in the world. Many people around the world, don’t have access to quality education because they can’t afford it and girls have often experienced being denied attending school. This goal is important because it can give everyone the opportunity to get an education, start their own life and have their own ambitions without being worried about the cost.

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The goal nr. 5, gender equality, works to eliminate the gender inequality around the world because many women and girls suffers from the discrimination towards them. It is hard to grow up as a girl in some places. Their human rights are often denied, and they are most likely to be seen as an object instead of an actually person. This can give them their political, economic and socially rights they deserves and a way for them to be independent and stand up for themselves.

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These two goals are somehow intertwined because they both have something to do with the gender inequality. Families in poor countries often relies on their son and support them through their education instead of supporting their daughters. It is sad to say that many people still believe that boys can bring their family a better future then the girls. We must change these views, so the girls can have the same rights as the boys.

I would be happy if we could watch some videos including these goals to understand the problems and importance of it better. We could have some projects about it or find information on how we can help to reach these goals.

Visit the UN official site for more information.

link to the site: http://www.undp.org/



This post is based on a Ted-talk video we have watched in our english class today. It goes into the topic of modern slavery some people face around the world. Most people would like to assume that slavery take place in poor countries in Africa, Asia and South-America. There are many Europeans who do not know about modern slavery or have a clue that it could be taking place in their own town or street. We need to raise awareness and educate ourselves on what signs we should look for, because it could happen right behind of us without us knowing.

In our english class today, our teacher decided that we should watch a short video about modern slavery.  Lisa Kristine, who is a photographer, tells us about her experience of modern slavery in Nepal and Congo. She showed us some powerful pictures of children who are forced into labors that is not appropriate and acceptable for their age.

I will link the video down below if anyone is interested to watch.


The UN sustainable development goals

Many of you guys may have heard about the UN sustainable development goals earlier this year. UN have made 17 different goals in January 1st 2016. The goals are world’s joint plan to eliminate poverty, to stop climate change, achieve gender equality and empower women and girls all around the world by the end of 2030.

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I think that every 17 goals are important to the world’s society, but I would like to consider the goals nr. 1, 2, 4, and 5 as the most important to me and the society. There are many people around the world that live in poverty and have no access to food and water. They can’t go to the school because it can cost them a lot of money or they have to stay home to provide for their family. Among the siblings who live in poverty, may have experience that the boys usually get the opportunity to attend school and get an education if it is possible. This situation often occurs in many different countries in Asia that doesn’t believe in gender equality and that men are in power.

They are human as we are, so they deserve the same opportunity we get from our daily life. We have to help them, so they can achieve their right to get an education, to work, to have a decent home and access to food and water. I know that it may seem overwhelming, but it’s pretty easy to help. You can start off by educating yourself and others by doing research on things related to poverty. That way you can understand how it started and find a possible idea to end it. You can the poor by donating clothing items, money and food to local shelters or international organizations. You can also help them through direct actions. It can example be like volunteering. Many religious organization often have a program that they are helping to raise money for, so you can go to your local church and ask them how you can help others.